Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eli's surgery

This is LeBonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis. Noah had his 3 eye surgeries here and now Eli with his surgery.  It's an awesome hospital
Eli had a minor surgery in June and I'm just now getting the pictures posted.  :)  Now Eli can join the ranks among his brother and sister and say that he has had surgery and been in the hospital.   Now that all 3 of my kiddos have had surgery I'm done with hospitals and surgeons for a while.  Of course we still go for Julianna's follow-up appointments but no more surgeries for a while I hope.  

We had to be there early and I think Eli was still asleep and also a little nervous 

Daddy working while we wait

Mosaic tile art.  They just built an entire new hospital and it is beautiful with all kinds of fun kid stuff to look at and do

Eli playing with the toy that he picked out in the Bunny Room

Child Life Specialist showing Eli the mask that will put him to sleep.  He picked out strawberry scent

Daddy trying to play the game

We were there for about 3 hours waiting for his surgery

Off to the OR. I always hate this part.  Watching your kiddo being rolled off to surgery is never an easy thing

He was so loopy but he was enjoying his popsicle 

Ready to go home!

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What a sweet family. I found your blog on mommy bloggers and I'm excited to follow your blog! Hope you'll follow me as well! :) Have a magical day!